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At My Hometown Mortgage,we have a knowledgeable and dedicated processing staff.

Jimmy Kerr | My Hometown Mortgage

Jimmy Kerr

NMLS #: 635522
Kentucky License #: MC93733

Jimmy Kerr is a proud and experienced veteran of the Mortgage business - originating mortgage loans for over 17 years. Jimmy has expertise in all types of lending products, with a specialized focus in Conventional and Government fixed-rate Financing. Prior to launching My Hometown Mortgage, Jimmy spent most of his career servicing the Pikeville and neighboring communities as a member of various larger financial institutions. While the lending business was steady and his position was comfortable, Jimmy knew there was something else on the horizon - a way of doing business that would provide the ability to offer Eastern Kentucky the best and most cutting edge mortgage products on the market while putting equal emphasis on top-notch customer service; building lasting relationships with customers for years to come. With the support of his lovely wife Amy (and the help of his trusted and loyal counterparts), Jimmy braved the unknown and with great enthusiasm, opened My Hometown Mortgage - a branch of Polaris Home Funding Corporation. If you are looking to buy a new home or refinance your existing home, look no further than the experienced hands of Jimmy Kerr and team at My Hometown Mortgage.

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Greg Lee

NMLS #: 655386
Ky License #: MC93888

Greg Lee is an experienced residential mortgage lender who has originated loans in Eastern Kentucky since 1987. As a result, he has become familiar with the local real estate market and is knowledgeable of past and current trends as it relates to housing. He has also worked with many of the real estate agents in the area, both those who have been in the business for many years along with new agents. Due to his longevity in the mortgage business, he has become very versed on both government and conventional lending programs, along with what loan product best fits his client’s immediate needs. He is accessible 24 hours a day and welcomes your call anytime to discuss current or future home loan options.

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Ken Stein | My Hometown Mortgage

Ken Stein

NMLS #: 367110
Ky License #: MC96807

Ken Stein has worked in the mortgage industry since February, 1986. Beginning his career in southern California as a loan processor, he then worked briefly funding loans before becoming an underwriter. In the early 1990’s, Ken started his career as a loan officer. He has originated loans for mortgage brokers, direct lenders and large, multi-national banking organizations. Ken’s experience includes originating FHA, VA Conforming and Jumbo loans, and is familiar with the underwriting guidelines for each of these.

Ken recently brought his decades of experience to eastern Kentucky from Las Vegas, NV. He’s looking forward to working with his new clientele, and is committed to making home ownership as convenient and accessible as possible.

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Leigh Ann Waits

NMLS #: 61904
Ky License #: MC94175

Leigh Ann Waits is our Senior Loan Processing Specialist. Leigh Ann began in the mortgage industry in 1999 as a Mortgage Loan Processor. She has also spent time as an Originator and Closing coordinator, thus gaining a well-rounded education in the Mortgage Industry. Her primary focus is on our Government Loan products, such as FHA/ VA and Rural Housing. Possessing knowledge in these particular products better allows us to serve you, and ensure you are provided a customized solution tailored specifically for your needs. Additionally, Leigh Ann's experience with lower credit borrowers makes her second to none as a lending officer. Leigh Ann has a particular talent in aiding those with past credit flaws achieve homeowner status; making possible what was once thought to be impossible. We've all, at one time or another, made regrettable mistakes with our finances. Even so, there is no need to give up on the dream of owning your own home. Let Leigh Ann open the door to a brighter future. Schedule a consultation with her today.

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